Being Chiseled….

My beautiful daughter demonstrated what I felt like yesterday….lol

I have a 2 1/2 yrs old that is at that perfect season in her life where she is intimating everything I say and do. If you are a mother you know that right now is very challenging time for me. Whichever my attitude is, it’s mocked back at me. Whatever I say, is mocked backed at me. Yesterday, was my Unglued Moment….I look back my unglued moment was mocked back at me to a point that the tension in my house was high and the plans we had for last night to leave and go to the grandparents house was cancelled. Which ended up being the best thing ever. Bath time came earlier, the lights came down sooner than normal, and both kids were sleeping by 8:30pm…When I laid my head on my pillow, I felt very numb that I acted the way I did and asked myself a very important question,  how I reacted today of being tired and stress is that how I want my daughter to react to situations? Answer HECK NO! So.I rehearse these words to myself today from Lysa..”A bad moment doesn’t make a bad mom.” Just because I had a bad day (moments) doesn’t mean God doesn’t love me or that He is done working on me but just the opposite…God is still chiseling me because I am His Masterpiece and here is my imperfect progress…..

So what I am taking away from Lysa’s book “Unglued” and how it has impacted my life literally….
God’s Word tells us to speak to that mountain and it will be thrown into the sea…Speaking God’s Word over my lives each day is vital!
As a teenager our youth leader took me to school one day and spoke these exact words Lysa used in Ch 7…”Remember who you are & Act like it…” I have never had anyone speak that to me…
To me I am taking Ch 7 as my confession of Faith:
    • Here I am…I am a Child of God and one bad moment is NOT going to DICTATE who I am!
    • Remember WHO I AM!
    • CRY OUT TO JESUS because there is POWER IN HIS NAME!
    • The Battle doesn’t belong to me and it’s not my job to fix my husband, my children, my friends, our families…it’s God’s job!
    • My job is to seek & obey God!
    • Praise God daily and full of thanksgiving-It takes my focus off the situation and onto God who is resolving the situation/circumstances.
    • My Reaction determines my Reach!
    • God has placed these little people in my life and I influence them…So it’s important to remember-I may feel ALARM but RESOLVED!

I love this sentence that Lysa says on page 116

“My REACTIONS testify to the kind of relationship I have with Jesus and the effect HE has on my heart”
Only way that can happen is taking time out and sitting at His feet each and every day! You can’t know someone if you don’t sit and learn. If you want to be like Jesus, I have to sit at His feet and swallow up everything He wants to teach me and show me.
Be GRATEFUL for what I have…
When I was 17 yrs old, I went on a mission trip to Russia. I look at my photo books and remember the depression that lays on that country but I also remembering seeing and experiencing God first hand. Just because that happen to me then doesn’t mean God is done with me today. I felt for so long that God was done with me because I made choices in my life that didn’t line up with His WORD! GOD isn’t done with me and he sure is not done with you! This is just the beginning! God has BIG Things for US ALL!
SO what am I grateful for:
That my husband is a man after God’s own heart
My beautiful children-for a period of time I thought I would never have children! God gave me my 1st baby at 34 yrs old and my 2nd at 36 yrs old! GOD IS GOOD!
My home
That I get to be alive and breathe on my own, I can walk, I can talk, I can read!
I am thankful for a vehicle so my husband can go to work everyday and work hard in providing for us
I may slip and fall and not handle things the way God would like me to but I am a working progress and to me that means I am learning & growing & acknowledging that I have a lot of room for improvement! God is far from done with me…I am HIS WORKMANSHIP created in CHRIST…Father God, chisel away…
Seeking HIM first,

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