Fighting Good Fight of Weeds That Grow….


I love this time of year of planting. I love watching things grow but my husband would be the first to tell you I hate pulling weeds. I hate “wasting time” on weeds. I love watching the garden and flowers growing but I hate all the work it takes to see the outcome I so love! Sometimes we have to get on our hands and knees put our hands in the icky dirt and get our hands dirty. Planting and caring for the seeds takes a lot work especially in the garden. My husband decided that our huge garden from last year wasn’t enough room so he went ahead and made 2 more plots. I have to admit my attitude popped up and was “more work – great.” The more you make of a garden the more work it takes to take care of business like pulling weeds to make sure the weeds don’t kill your plants and prevent them from growing to produce good fruit. Well, that is how God is with us. Faith is the seed that is planted but as we walk along in our journey in life things happen. I have to admit I have had a lot things in life happen that were out of my control but as I grew to the age of accountability I created my own problems that created more weeds to grow.

I have a three-year daughter and right now she is at that wonderful stage of “why.” Why mama are doing this? Why mama are you doing that? Why mama? Why mama? Now, I will admit I haven’t been the most patient with hearing the “Why.” But so many times in life I would have that same talk with God. “Why, are you allowing this to happen?” Why God, Why! During those times, I would try to listen to what our patient & loving God would say but my problem came because I didn’t like the answer.  Instead the weeds of fear grew bigger, stronger, and deeper. I was more concern about “taking care of things on the outside” not realizing the real business I need to focus on is the inside. It’s easy to water flowers and plants but pulling is a little more time-consuming, a little more difficult to deal with.

As life happened weeds grew into roots that needed to be cut instead of pulling but only God Almighty had the mighty hand to pull them once and for all. The particular weed that grew into a root was a Spirit of Fear.

“Telling you, ‘You’re my servant, serving on my side.
    I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you.’
Don’t panic. I’m with you.
    There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.
I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you.
    I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.”
 Isaiah 41:8-10   Message Translation

As I sat in church listening to sermon on Wrestling 101: Fear, I could actually feel myself shake inside. Crazy but true. I sat there listen intently as though my Pastor’s Wife was ministering. It was as I was the only one in the sanctuary with her and God. I had a Divine Appointment with God and it was time to watch God Almighty to do some grooming  & cutting the roots that prevented His flower from growing and doing what He had called her to do. I allowed this spirit to grow and wrap itself around me so tightly that it was actually choking me. Last night as I sat at the table with God, I felt the fear grip and strap me to the chair. Sister Terri spoke to come forward if you have been dealing with the spirit of fear…I felt like I jumped out of my sit and the chains that held me so tightly finally broke and by time I reached her I could breathe normally.

Maybe you struggle in this area like I have…there is hope! God is hope! He has called each of us by name! He knows us better than we know ourselves. He even knows the numbers of hairs on our head! Who does that…He does because He loves us that much! See, I serve a big and mighty God! He gives me His strength when I am weak. He speaks to each situation I face through His Word. His Word is light to those who walk in darkness. When I ran from Him so many times, He stayed in the same place waiting on me to come back. He never stopped watching me and putting good things in my path. I look back and see God placing people in my path that ultimately brought me back to Him. Why because He loves us that much to do that. Their is so many times as a parent where I get frustrated and irritated from seeing the same behavior over and over again from my young children because I have to keep repeating myself. I thank God that He continues to show me His grace & love.  He never changes. What he did for His people back in the day He continues to do today by keeping a firm grip on us with loving & strong hands. He loved us so much that is why Jesus came to save us from our sins. He knew no sin and became sin so I could live in freedom! Thank you God for your unconditional love for me.

So, where do I go from here. Speaking the Word over every aspect of my life. Hang on to God’s peace for my life. The first step is Facing the Fear straight in the eyeballs and speak the Word to it…Jesus said, “IT IS WRITTEN!”

My daughter is at the sweet age where she thinks everyone is her friend. We started teaching her about asking “who is it” before opening the door. Well, we need to do the same thing when “things” start knocking at the door.

Stress & Anxiety: 

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Learning to embrace the idea of getting on my hands and knees pulling weeds is definitely a journey I am trying to embrace instead of dreading. In the long run, I hope to learn to love the pulling of weeds so I can appreciate the fruit more than standing on the sidelines watching other enjoy the accomplishments of reaping what they sowed!

Have a blessed day!


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