Embracing the Season of Change

Have you ever met someone and you hit it off immediately? What kind of a relationship would you have if all you did was know “of the person” but never really invested time and energy into knowing that person?

Well, that is the season I am in….I want to invest and want personal tangible friends that are there for me just like I am for them as I grow deeper in studying “Who God Really Is.” As I have aged my true circle of friends has gotten smaller and smaller to a point that I really don’t have a close knit “bestie.” Not because I think I am better than anyone but I want to surround myself around women that strive to follow after God’s own heart.

Not just say they are but really living, breathing and demonstrating. Putting aside foolish gossip of other and  creating strife and drama in people lives. See, I have experienced the left out of things because of my stance of trying to be the woman God Almighty has called me to be. Being out of the edge can be a very lonely place at times but thanking God that His Word says that “He will never leaves me nor forsakes me” even when I am in the wilderness. Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years and God never left him but instead was the best learning time for Moses.

Who is God? Really? All my life I was taught about God and different periods of my life I seen up close and personal who God is but to know God and live for Him daily has always been a great struggle for me. We have been attending a new church; which I completely love and look forward to attending each week. Right now, Pastor Kyle is teaching on Genesis. I am so excited about this series because I just don’t want to know of God and his goodness but I WANT TO KNOW HIM! Up Close and Personal every day!

So many years, I would say I am a Christian but I didn’t live like one. Since having my babies I have struggle with the whole thing of being of this world vs being in this world. There is a difference. Jesus reminds us of this in John 15:19.

If you were of the world, the world would loves its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

So being Real means to me means becoming personal with people instead of looking on a social network and seeing pictures, seeing likes, and experiencing drama just because of a difference of opinions. Which in turns causes strife and backbiting. Being Real takes guts and boldness that stretches you as a person like never before.

So what might you see in my blogs….At times I will link up with other bloggers on subjects, encouragement, love, acceptance of thoughts and feelings without a fear of drama, and hopefully most importantly encourages you to draw closer to God yourself and being Real. Thank you for taking the time to follow my family and I on this amazing journey….

God Bless and Have a Beautiful day!



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