Season of Busyness

Have you ever had the season where you see the avalanche coming but it’s either going to overtake you or get on top of it and surf through it all…Well, this is the first time in a long time my season is upon me. I have had to step back and take a big breather and try to dust off my surfboard. Preparation is going to be my key in coming out the other side with lessons learned and pass the tests that lay ahead of me. I am not one to handle these seasons very well. I am usually get very overwhelmed and begin to sound like a dripping faucet. Dreading every bit of it and never find the joy in it all.

So how do you find joy in the midst of a crazy season? Really? I have seen people walk around and they seem so happy all the time. You know those type the ones that have a bounce to their step and slide in their groove and when they speak it sounds like they are singing to you. Those people would get on my nerves. Like really how can you be so happy and joyful. Do you know the world we live in? Do you know the circumstances I am in? Do you ? Can you say…ouch! Lets just say “repenting was there knocking too.”

I would clash horribly with these type of people not because I didn’t like them but I didn’t know the “secret” of there life. I was jealous that they could be so happy and I sat here so miserable.

What was there secret?…….You ready…..Take a deep breath and breathe out……IT WAS THERE CHOICE! Yep, they decided to keep joy in there lives instead of allowing circumstances to drag them down. WOW! That blew me away. I am reading the book “Choose Joy” Kay Warren, after a friend of mine said to me “you have to make a chose to have JOY in every situation.” When I heard that a spark went off inside me. I felt like the fire that I had been so desperately trying to light was finally lit.

Joy is a CHOICE……

So here I am at the mountaintop looking down and seeing all the busyness ahead of me…

  • First time homeschooling ….Find Joy
  • My husband is returning to college this fall…Find Joy
  • 2 weddings within months of each other….Find Joy
My list can go on and on but no matter what it is going to be vital for me to speak God’s Word out of my mouth every day….”I choose Joy!” So for the next 30 days, I have to change some bad habits into healthy habits. I am know that it’s not going to be easy to change but I know that, I can do all things through Jesus Christ! I have the mind of Christ. Whatever I put my hands to will prosper.
My Jesus, lover of my soul, change me and mold me.I choose to have Joy no matter what situation I may face.This season that is upon me may I choose to have joy and release my control of the wheel and allow you to have the driver seat. In Jesus Name….
So if you are like me half empty all the time it’s time to choose Joy! Allow God to take control of the situations that we face. It’s not going to be easy but make a goal and stick with it! God knows what He is doing and I really don’t think he needs our input so it’s time to hop out of the driver seat and let God Will Be Done! Another thing, pick up this book from Kay Warren. You will not regret it!
In Christ,

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