A New Year, A New Hope

Wow, I feel so lost for words. It’s been so long since I have blogged. Just merely everyday busyness came into play with holidays. Now here we are a new year and a day away from entering February. Time flies very quickly especially if we allow things to control our days instead of being intent on how our time is spent.

The New Year began with my mother becoming really sick and spent 8 days in the hospital. She has COPD and this was the first time in five years with a flare up; so that’s a good thing. Getting a call from the hospital at 7:30 in the morning I just knew it was her. I was ready for anything since the whole drive in to town I prayed and prepared my heart for decision I would have to make since I am her Power of Attorney. The whole time I remember singing in the car a song, “I Have A Hope” by Debra Arnott (a beautiful and very talented friend). Hanging onto each word knowing that I am not alone and that God is with me.

During those eight days, became very hard with trying to balance my family at home and taking care of things with her. During those days, we discovered my mom had developed on the right side of her heart Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, and COPD has stepped into a new level. So many changes all at once could make a old dog drag there feet and not want to cooperate but overall by the time she became settled back at home my mom has retaught herself to start eating right, checking her sugars, check her oxygen levels more closer, but won’t give up the one habit that has caused her all her breathing problems. So again I sing loud and clear, “I HAVE A NEW HOPE” and God is in Control of this whole situation because of that I have complete peace in everything.

Amazing how God will use one situation to open your eyes in another situation. I rediscovered my relationship with my nephew. I finally was ready to step up and take responsibility where he needed me the most to be his aunt, his friend, and most importantly see him as a man instead of a child. Breakthrough happen. Now, we see each other completely different. For that, I am completely thankful for!

Celebrated my daughters 4th birthday! How time flies, where has those sweet years gone. She is turning into such an amazing individual so full of life and love! So talented and loves Jesus with all her heart and not afraid to let the world know it.

This passed week, my step-dad was in the hospital for pancreatitis….Thankful he was only there for 2 short days and thankful his numbers came down very quickly and he feeling much better!

So this is what 2014 has shown me already, that my God is faithful! No matter what happens with my parents health, I am at peace that God knows all.  I know that I serve a Sovereign God who loves me so much even when I fail miserable in my words and actions. He still knows my heart. He knows I have a NEW HOPE…HOPE that no matter what He is ALL-KNOWING and He loves me so much to take care of me and my family!

Please take the time to watch Debra’s new video that was released and you can buy her CD on ITUNES too.

Walk in Peace in Jesus,



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