Blogging thru Bible


I have decided to join a new journey of reading through the bible with Women Living Well.  I am definitely looking forward to moving forward while opening my heart up completely to God as I dig into each chapter and verse. I have never truly read through the whole bible chapter and verse but I have read quite of few books. So the first book we are covering is the book Esther. I have always heard about Esther but never read it throughly. So I am eager to learn who she was as a woman living in those times. Lets be honest, I love learning from other women that have gone or experience similiar situations that I am dealing with. Especially learning from them on how I can maybe change the way I respond to the “mountains” that are in my life.

See women in the bible are no different than what we women in today experience. They experience raw emotions with raw circumstances that sometimes were joyous but also very painful. I have been going through a very painful season of dealing with my raw emotions that run through my body. I have been struggling for so long with depression and anxiety that sometimes it’s just easy to throw up your hands emotionally and say “I quit, I give up, I can’t do this any more.” But our Heavenly Father loves us so much that even in those darkest hours he doesn’t give up on us but put people and allow circumstances to just remind us all that we are working progress and that no matter what HIS LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL with no strings attached.

So join me on this journey as we all learn together as God’s Children!







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