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The beginning of this year my family signed on to sponsoring a child from Ghana with Compassion.
It has been the best decision of our lives. Our lives are very different but our hearts are connected.
We live in a house with a shingle roof with gas & electricity, and all the modern days supplied.
Where this sweet 5 year old child, lives in a hut and ask us to pray for wisdom in school and protection.
She draws us amazing pictures of her country’s flag was the latest. This little girl responsibilities are
greater than our children here if know or understand. With our monthly giving Compassion makes sure she is
gets to school regularly and school. Our extra gifts we have sent like birthdays and Christmas will for
sure bless our child tremendously. I encourage all my friends and family to please check out
Compassion and see if there is one child you can sponsor. We are very spoiled in the US and we literally
take a lot things for granted. Please watch this video and open your heart and mind to sponsoring a sweet child.

If you don’t feel you can commit to sponsoring a child please consider donating and not one child goes without a Christmas Gift!

Thank you,


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