Finding Peace

For a long time, I have struggled with anxiety and fear. I have allowed anxiety steal my joy and peace of mind. For the last 4 years, it had gotten so bad that I had ask my Doctor to prescribe me something. I was so tired mentally. I just wanted something to numb my senses so I could grasp for air. So many times I felt these big huge hands around my throat choking me from enjoying my life and the life that God had blessed me with.

I finally could breath!

I was able to sleep and handle stresses that came from every direction. I felt like the wife I wanted to be. The mama my kids so deserved! I was able to step up in ways that I allow fear and anxiety to steal from me. In the last couple of years, I was able to shake and break bad friendships that were just tearing me down. Then God brought me a friend and then a few more to do things with. Each baby step I took, was leading directly where I needed to go. Home. At the feet of Jesus.

I was the clay that was being molded for His masterpiece. He loved me so much that my eyes could not see the big picture, but God did. God loves us so much that he will allow certain things to happen not to tear us down but to build us up in Him. No matter what anxiety or fear you face. No matter what lions may be staring you down, ready to rumble. No matter what, God gives us the hope and strength to overcome every fear, anxiety attack, and even when we feel rejected!

He gives us Hope, Love, Joy, and PEACE!

Everyday is a still a very real struggle but knowing no matter who or what lion I may be facing, God is so much BIGGER! He makes me more than a Conqueror in every situation. Life is like a chess game to me.  People are placed at just the right time to encourage and give you the strength to keep carrying on. Then when the time is right to make your move it’s perfect and priceless. The reason is because  we are not fighting against flesh and blood  but against every spiritual forces of evil…Ephesians 6:12

With my Dr’s help, I’ve been able to slowly come off my medication. It’s so hard some days, but I know that I serve the GREAT PHYSICIAN who can heal every part of me. Jesus laid hands on the sick all the time and they were healed. The lame walked. The blind could see. Deaf could hear. In Jesus Name I am Healed!

So I am putting my trust in Him and renewing my mind to his word. Changing my stinkin’ thinkin’ to I have overcome the world. I am not perfect but I was created for His purpose and my Creator is not done with me yet.

A good life is not that is entirely trouble free, but it is one that can always be enjoyed because we trust God and have thought filled with hope a good attitude. Romans 12:2

Joyce Meyers wrote this right on when speaking of Romans 12:2 perfectly in her book “The Mind Connection.”

God has a good, acceptable and perfect plan for you and me, and the way we experience that is not to think like the world thinks, but to be changed entirely by learning to renew our mind and think the way God thinks.

Father God,

Help me to always see your way is better than my own. Help me to rely on you for my strength in every area of my life. You are The Great Physician and I put my trust in you! Even in the darkest days I feel you and know you! I am a Overcomer!

In Jesus Name Amen